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Wildlife Plantings for Year Around Food and Cover


  • Summer fruiting plants such as cherry, plum, hackberry and serviceberry species. Fall fruit and seed plants such as viburnum, dogwood, elderberry, green ash and oak.
  • Winter persistent fruit or seed such as apple, viburnum and sumac or foliage such as fir or spruce.
  • Spring seed such as maple, or elm.


  • Plants with dense branching or persistent foliage such as evergreens, conifers, caragana, hawthorn.
  • Plants that form dense colonies or thickets such as rose, sumac or dogwood.

Additional information on specific topics can be found on the Plant Selection Guide


Quercus macrocarpa
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Sambucus canadensis - Good for wildlife habitat, shelter belts, windbreaks. The fruit good for jams, jellies and wines.
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