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Plant Selection Guide

Below you will find links to various topics that may aid you in plant selection.

2013 Plant Cold Hardiness by USDA Zone Ratings

Lists by characteristic or use
Hardy Plants for Tough Conditions -
Planting for Wildlife -
Deer Resistant -
Shade Tolerant -
Hedges -
Urban Tolerance -
Windbreak Planting -
Wet site Tolerant -
Fast Growing Trees -


Viburnum Selection -


Newspaper Article Archive

Plant Care Guide

Note that the lists are not fully inclusive in nature nor do they provide a guarantee of success, but rather recommendations based on information available to our staff. Lists may include items not currently available.


Acer rubrum - Native to eastern U.S., cold hardy, brilliant scarlet fall color
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Picea omorika - Glossy green needles, pendulous branchlets, very ornamental
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