Deer Resistant Plant Material

There has been extensive research compiled on deer resistant plant varieties, but the results are mixed. What is called deer resistant in one study is called deer food in another. It is also stated that no matter how resistant a plant can be in one location, in another, that plant may be devoured. In other words – deer will eat just about anything if it suits them. The following list may be used as a guideline for woody plants that are not generally favored by deer.

Aronia spp. Chokeberry
Berberis spp. Barberry
Betula pendula European White Birch
Cornus spp. Dogwood
Cotoneaster spp. Cotoneaster
Crataegus spp. Hawthorn
Fagus sylvatica European Beech
Forsythia spp. Forsythia
Juniperus spp. Cedar
Kolkwitzia amabilis Beauty Bush
Mahonia spp. Oregon Grape
Picea spp. Spruce
Pinus spp. Pine
Populus nigra ‘Theves’ Theves Poplar
Potentilla spp. Bush Cinquefoil
Rhus spp. (some) Sumac
Ribes spp. Currant
Spiraea spp. Spiraea
Syringa spp. Lilac
Viburnum spp. Viburnum
Wisteria floribunda. Japanese Wisteria
Yucca spp. Yucca

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