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Viburnum Features

Name Special Feature Zone Height (upto) Fall Color Fruit Color Additional Info
Autumn Jazz Fall color 4 12' Purple, red, yellow Dark blue Chicagoland Grows Intro
Blue Blaze Tough ornamental 3 5' Wine red Bright blue Adaptable
Blue Muffin Shade or sun 3 7' Reddish purple Shiny blue handles most soils

Chicago Lustre
Upright habit 5 10' Red,yellow purple, Blue-black Glossy foliage

Fireworks Blooms
fall color 3 7' Ruby red Blue-black Glossy foliage
Raspberry Tart Dwarf, fall color 3 5' Bright red Blue-black Lake County Nursery Intro
Oneida Blooms, fall color 5 10' Yellow, orange-red Dark red Heavy May bloom
Emerald Triumph Dark glossy leaves 4 10' Bronzy, deep red Red-black Insect/disease tolerance
Mohican Compact habit 3 7' Purplish red Red-black Insect/disease tolerance
Roseum Large snowballs 3 12' Red Fruitless Fruitless
Mariesii Lacy blooms 5 10' Reddish purple Red-black Horizontal branching

Pink Beauty
Pinkish blooms 5 8' Reddish purple Bright red Winter chill for pink
Shasta Heavy bloom 6 6' Reddish purple Scarlet red Horizontal branching
Shoshoni Layered branches 6 5' Reddish purple Scarlet red Wider than tall
Triumph Snowballs blooms 4 6' Purple Red-black Low maintenance
Alleghany Late spring bloom 4 12' Holds green late Yellow, red Disease resistance

Purple tinged leaf 4 8' Yellow, red Red USDA introduction
cassinoides Fruit display 3 5-15' Red, purple Pink, red, blue Native eastern U.S.

Evergreen 5 45' Burgundy Black Small tree
dentatum Fall color, wildlife 2 15' Red Blue-black Native North America

Fall color, fruit 4 10-15' Red Scarlet Persistent fruit
prunifolium Edible fruit 3 15' Red Blue-black Native, pest free

Large blooms, upright 3 15' Yellow, red Scarlet Persistent fruit
trilobum Fall color, fruit 2 12' Red Scarlet Native, fruit persists

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